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HAL Ajeet

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Ajeets of No. 2 Squadrons ("Winged Arrows"), the last formation to operate this light fighter


This aircraft derived from the legendary Gnat, has also been employed for ground attack but is now being phased out.

Country of origin: India (U.K.)

Type: Light fighter/ground attack aircraft.

Powerplant: One Rolls Royce (Bristol) Orpheus 701-01 turbojet rated at 2043 kg.

Armament: Two 30 mm Aden cannon; four wing hardpoints each carrying 68 mm Arrow rocket pods or two 500 lb. bombs.

Maximum take off weight: 4170 kg.

Maximum level speed: 1102 kmph (685 mph) or Mach = 0.96.

Service ceiling: 12,000 m (39,375 ft.).