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Canberra bombers over jungle-clad foothills

This single seater aircraft is used for maritime attack, tactical reconnaisance and special training assignments.

Country of origin: U.K.

Type: Tactical bomber and interdictor.

Powerplant: Two Rolls Royce Avon 109 turbojets each of 3357 kg.

Armament: (Interdictor) 4 x 20 mm Hispano cannon or 3 x 1000 lb. bombs internally plus 2 x 1000 lb. underwing or (Bomber) 8000 lb. bomb load internally and underwing.

Maximum take off weight: 25,540 kg.

Maximum speed: 933 kmph (580 mph) at 9150 m (36,000 ft) Mach = 0.83.

Maximum Range (interdictor role): 1287 km (800 miles).

Canberras over the Arabian Seas