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BAe/Hawker Hunter F.56A

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Hunter F.56A of the Operational FlyingTraining Unit


The Hunter has completed over three decades of distinguished service with the IAF and a lone squadron operates the type for ground attack, still resplendent in its aerobatic-team colours.

Country of origin: U.K.

Type: Fighter-ground attack aircraft.

Powerplant: One Rolls Royce Avon 207 turbojet of 4562 kg.

Armament: Four 30 mm Aden cannon with 150 rpg; two 1000 lb. bombs or four 100 Imp. gallon napalm tanks or 68 mm rocket pods.

Maximum take off weight: 8060 kg.

Maximum speed: 1009 kmph (627 mph) at 10,970 m.

Service ceiling: 15,700m (51,500 ft.).