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Mil Mi-17

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Mi-17 firing 57 mm rockets over the famous Pokhran armament ranges VIP outfitted Mi-17 of the H.Q. Communication Squadron Country of origin: USSR.

Type: Medium transport helicopter.

Powerplant: Two Isotov TV3-117MT turboshafts of 1900 shp each.

Capacity: 24 troops or upto 3.3 tonnes of freight.

Armament: Six UV-16 57 mm rocket pods.

Maximum take off weight: 13,000 kg.

Maximum cruise speed: 240 kmph (149 mph) at sea level.

Maximum range: 950 km (590 miles).

Mi-17 approaching the Siachen glacier Mi-17 in a communication role, seen south of Delhi
Mi-17 flies over snow-brushed coniferous forests, close to the Tibetan border In an assault role, Mi-17s are armed with six 57 mm rocket pods
Mi-17 Mi-17 flying over the Nubra Valley
Silhouettes both: A Border Security Force Camel and an IAF Mi-17 in the Western desert