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Mig-21 deploys tail-brake parachute on landing

This single seater aircraft which constitutes the bulk of the IAF's combat fleet has an essential close air support function.

Country of origin: USSR.

Type: Multi-role fighter/ground attack aircraft.

Powerplant: One Tumansky R-25 turbojet of 7500 kg with reheat.

Armament: One 23 mm twin barrel GSh-23 cannon plus four R.60 close combat missiles.

Maximum take off weight: 8745 kg.

Maximum speed: 2230 kmph (1386 mph) at 11,000 m (36,100 ft) or Mach = 2.1.

Combat radius: 547 km (340 miles)

Three Mig-21s on patrol over the northern frontiers
Camouflaged Mig-21bis at its operational readiness platform (ORP)
Mig-21M takes off from a desert air base