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The range of weaponry carried by a Mig-27ML tactical strike fighter

Two Mig-27s practice close combat skills

This swing wing supersonic fighter aircraft built under license by HAL is strike force. The ingenious variable sweep of its wings, enables it to operate with considerable weapons load from shore India, and constitutes the backbone of the IAF't and semi-prepared airstrips with its wings fully forward. With its wings swept back to 72 degrees, the aircraft goes supersonic very rapidly.

Country of origin: USSR.

Type: Tactical strike fighter.

Powerplant: One Tumansky R-29-300 turbojet of 11,500 kg reheat.

Armament: One 23 mm six-barrel rotary cannon and upto 3000 kg of ordnance on five fuselage and two wing-glove stores stations.

Maximum take off weight: 18,000 kg.

Maximum speed: 1700 kmph (1056 mph) at 11,000 m (36,100 ft) or Mach = 1.6.

Combat radius: 390 km (242 miles).