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The Su-30 on its way to the runway The Su-30 is IAF's latest aquisition. It is a twin seat, multirole, all weather, day and night superiority fighter. With its superior avionics, suite, weapon systems and long range capability, it is a lethal platform in the air.

Country of origin: USSR.

Year of induction in IAF: 1997

Type: Air superiority fighter.

Powerplant: Two Al-31F bypass turbofans of 12,500 kg reheat thrust each.

Armament: 10 missiles in addition to 30 mm cannons. It can carry nuclear tipped missiles and upto 8000 kg of conventional bombs.

Maximum range: 3000 km (with air-to-air refuelling range can be enhanced three times) .

A Su-30 takes off from Pune air base
The Su-30 painted in the Indian Tricolour
A Su-30 flying with its tricolour glory

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